Barnaby, 14, sets his sights high after scoring A-Level success

Barnaby Smith, aged 14, from Godmanchester, who has A* a-level Maths,

Barnaby Smith, aged 14, from Godmanchester, who has A* a-level Maths, - Credit: Archant

A 14-year-old from Godmanchester has wowed examiners after achieving an A* in maths at A-Level – a whopping four years before he is officially due to take it.

Barnaby Smith, of Oakleigh Crescent, managed to score a perfect mark of 100 in the exam, after defying the odds and getting the same result in the three modules needed to sit it.

“He seems to find maths very easy,” his mum, Sarah, told The Hunts Post.

“He’s quite pleased with himself. He didn’t feel he had done very well in the exam and didn’t think he’d got 100 per cent and he was a bit worried about a few things.”

The youngster already has eight GCSEs to his name – seven A*s and an A grade – and sat his maths GCSE early too, bagging himself an A* at just 11-years-old.

But mum Sarah says it was at an even earlier age that she started to notice his academic talents.

“When he was little, I remember he was about three-years-old, he’d been given a game called ‘Shut the Box’, and he was playing it with a friend and seemed to be adding up the numbers on the dice,” she said.

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“I noticed that he was calling out the totals and I thought that was impressive for someone his age.”

Barnaby, who is home educated, hopes to study maths at university and is keen to go into engineering, with plans to study physics, chemistry and a language for his other A-Levels.

When he’s not working though, the teenager enjoys playing on his Xbox, tennis, tap dancing, and sailing.

“I’ve got used to it by now,” Sarah says of his achievements.

“It’s good, and I’m proud of him.”