More than 50 balloons were released at Hinchingbrooke Hospital on Sunday during a service of remembrance.

The annual service is held in the hospital's chapel to allow relatives and friends to remember loved ones who have died at Hinchingbrooke over the years. Candles were lit in memory of those who have passed away and their names were read out during the service, organised by the hospital's lead chaplin, the Rev Scott Watts, and staff from the critical care team.

"While the service is very moving and poignant, we hope people find it helpful and it brings some comfort," said the Rev Watts.

There were prayers and hymns, and readings from nurses, Clare Davies and Marina Howlett, and another from a member of the hospital's volunteer team. Hospital volunteers also helped on the day and served refreshments.

The Rev Watts said the service provided an opportunity for people of all faiths, or no faith, to reflect and honour the memory of a loved one.

Messages were attached to the balloons and they were released outside the main entrance of the hospital.

"We know from experience that people find releasing the balloons deeply moving, yet a helpful step in their grieving journey," added Rev Watts.