Paul Bullen, the former UKIP leader on Cambridgeshire County Council, has had his Twitter account suspended after claiming most people don’t care about coronavirus and urging pubs and restaurants to re-open.

In a surprise tweet on Sunday, Mr Bullen, who was selected but then dropped as Brexit candidate for NE Cambs, posted the following tweet.

“Isn’t it about time we stopped this nonsense,” he wrote. “The majority don’t care about Covid 19, don’t care if they catch it and know that it won’t have any adverse effects.

“Do we really want to kill our economy? Let’s get back to work, open our pubs and restaurants and get back to normal.”

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When challenged he accused me of being “another journalist with nothing to say”.

Mr Bullen, who did eventually stand in the 2019 general election as an independent candidate in Huntingdon, added: “Do you know what Covid19, how it originated where it came from and why it is co contagious that we can’t stop it.

“And why am I wrong in what I say.”

His comments provoked a Twitter storm and by today (Monday) Mr Bullen had disappeared from the social media platform.

A search for him on Twitter says simply ‘this account doesn’t exist’.