Baby rabbits abandoned at Needingworth recycling center

Rabbits left at Needingworth

Rabbits left at Needingworth - Credit: Archant

FIVE baby rabbits were discovered in a sealed cardboard box at the centre on Needingworth Road.

‘Free to a good home’ had been written on the side of the box which was discovered earlier this month.

The animals were taken to Wood Green, in Godmanchester, where staff estimated the rabbits to be two to four months old.

Marie Channer, head of animal welfare, said: “Not only were the rabbits left at a rubbish dump, where they could easily have been mistaken for rubbish and thrown away, they were left taped up in a tiny box on one of the hottest days of the year. They are lucky to be alive.

“We are seeing more and more incidents of pets becoming disposable items like old clothes or worn out shoes. Owning a pet is a long-term responsibility that people should take seriously.”

The rabbits have been named Stig, Barney, Robert, Lou and Marjorie, after characters in the children’s novel Stig of the Dump. They will be available for re-homing in the next few weeks.