Arsonists torch pile of industrial waste near Huntingdon

ARSONISTS set fire to a large pile of industrial rubbish in Wyton yesterday morning (Sunday).

Firefighters arrived in Blenheim Court at 6.45am to find the rubbish well alight and tackled the blaze for an hour until it was extinguished.

A crew from Huntingdon returned later in the morning to reinspect the fire. Fire investigators said the cause of fire was deliberate.

Eddie Theaker, watch commander at Huntingdon, said: “We work closely with the police and other agencies to reduce arson in the county - but the public and businesses can also help us.

“While there is no excuse for arson, this incident highlights how tempting rubbish can be to potential arsonists when it is not kept in a secure place - keeping bins and rubbish out of sight and secured will greatly reduce the risk of arson.

“Members of the public and business owners should also try to keep bins and rubbish away from buildings - if they are set alight the fire could easily spread.

“I also have a message to arsonists - if you start a fire you have no control over how it might spread but you will be responsible for the consequences. A fire can spread rapidly and put your lives and the lives of others at risk.”

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INFORMATION: Anyone with information should contact Cambridgeshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously. on 0800 555111.