Appeal for help to find precious and irreplaceable photo album lost on couple’s 68th wedding anniversary

Ford House, Eaton Ford

Ford House, Eaton Ford - Credit: Archant

A family are appealing for help in tracing an “irreplaceable” photo album they believe was lost in Eaton Ford.

A family are appealing for help in tracing an “irreplaceable” wedding photo album they believe was lost in Eaton Ford.

Alan Tomkins had been to visit his wife, Catherine, at the Ford House Care Home, in St Neots Road, on August 6, and had taken pictures of the couple’s wedding day with him.

Mrs Tomkins suffers with dementia and Alan, 89, had taken the album along as it was their 68th wedding anniversary and he wanted to go through some of the pictures from their big day.

As he went to leave the care home, at about 8pm, Mr Tomkins believes he may have placed the album on the roof of his car and forgotten it was there as he subsequently drove back to his house, in Buckden.

Mr Tomkins’ daughter, Jenny Reader, told The Hunts Post: “We think the album may have slipped off fairly quickly but we have looked all along St Neots Road and we haven’t seen it.

“We have asked all the staff at the care home, we have posted online and we have put up notices in local shops but we have had no luck. We are grasping at straws really but we really hope we can find it.”

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Mrs Reader said the album, which was filled with irreplaceable pictures and memories, is cream or white coloured and fairly small in size.

She said that the family had also checked with police in St Neots to see if it had been handed in but had had no report of it being found.

She added: “[The album] is irreplaceable. There is no way we can replace it, we haven’t got any relatives around who might have any copies or pictures of my mum and dad’s wedding day because it was such a long time ago.”

If you have any information about the album or believe you may have found it, you can contact Mrs Reader on 07984 302734, or the Hunts Post on 01480 443451.