Appeal for driver after dog dies

AN APPEAL has been made for a motorist who fatally injured a dog in St Neots last week to come forward.

The dog, a white Staffordshire bull terrier, was hit by a vehicle passing by the Common on the B1041 and left in the road.

Gavin Childs-Brown was driving home in the car behind at around 5.30pm when he saw the dog, and stopped to try to help.

He said: “I noticed the dog in the road – you couldn’t miss it. She was still alive, and the car’s bumper had been left by the side of the road as well.

“There was a person across the road who said he had seen the collision, and he said it was the car in front of me.”

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Mr Childs-Brown, the dog’s owner and other passers-by tried to help, but her injuries were too serious and she died minutes later.

Mr Childs-Brown, of Skipper Way, Little Paxton, is now asking the driver who hit the dog to come forward.

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“Firstly, I just hope that the person who did it realises that it is the law to stop, and secondly, I hope they come forward.

“I understand they might be in shock, but if it had been me I would have got to the end of the road and turned back.

“It probably wasn’t the driver’s fault, but I would have come back to say sorry at least. But the driver left it for someone else to sort out.”

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