Apology issued after red dust covers parts of St Neots

Little Barford Power Station have issued an apology 

Little Barford Power Station have issued an apology - Credit: Google Earth

A power station, south of St Neots has admitted responsibility, after a cloud of red dust has covered part of the town.

Little Barford Power Station have apologised to local residents in Eynesbury, St Neots, after they have noticed red particles in the atmosphere. 

The power station have released a statement explaining that the cause is due to them firing up the station for the first time in five months, which has released the red mist.  

In a statement, a spokesman for Little Barford Power Station said: “Following a planned maintenance of the Little Barford power station’s unit GT1A, the unit fired up for the first time in 5 months in order to return to service for Winter operations.  

“During this start-up process the station released some particulates which affected some of our neighbours.  

“We apologise to those who have been affected.

"The station has notified the Environment Agency of the release and is working with them to investigate.  

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“We have also contacted our neighbours who we believe have been affected to resolve any impacts on their business or property."

The Power Station have also issued the following information:  

1. What type of particulates are they? "We have sampled the particulates in our laboratory and can confirm they are rust (iron oxide), most likely caused from corrosion within the flue during the outage."

2. Are the particulates harmful to health? "Rust (iron oxide) particulates of this type and size are highly unlikely to be harmful to public health."

3. Are the rust emissions continuing? "No. The power station is currently not operating but is expected to return to service early next week."

4. Will the power station continue to operate? "The power station is expected to return to normal operations early next week."

5. Will particulates be released again when the power station returns to service? "We always make all efforts to minimise emissions of any kind from our activities and carefully monitor and manage all emissions."

The Power Station have also stated: "Unfortunately, they cannot be completely mitigated and some small additional particulates may be emitted after a long outage although are not present in normal operations."