Anniversary of Falklands War will be remembered

Directions to St Neots on a sign in the Falklands

Directions to St Neots on a sign in the Falklands - Credit: Archant

The 35th anniversary of the Falklands War will be marked by wreaths being laid at Remembrance Day ceremonies this year as a tribute to those who fought and gave their lives in the conflict.

Karen Clapp, membership secretary of the Falkland Islands Association, has invited members and those with strong links to the islands to take part.

Karen, 47, a fourth generation Falklands islander who now lives in Needingworth, said: “I think it is hugely important to remember those who died on our behalf.

“Because it is the 35th anniversary we are asking our members if they would like to lay a wreath on our behalf and we have already had quite a few people who have said they will.”

Karen, who has been in the UK since 1975 and whose brother lives in the Falklands, will lay a wreath at Needingworth and would like to see others do the same at their local war memorial.

She said the family’s former home in the islands had been used by the commander of the Argentinian forces during the war.

Karen said the Falkland Islands Association had its roots in the Falkland Islands Emergency Committee set up in the UK the 1960s to put the islanders’ case to the Government when it looked as if the sovereignty of the islands would be handed to Argentina against residents’ wishes.

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Because of the opposition a proposed Memorandum of Understanding on the transfer was never signed and the islands remained British apart from the 74 days of Argentinian occupation.

Karen said that today the association set out to assist islanders in determining their own future.

She said information about laying a wreath with a Falklands Islands badge was available from the British Legion website or by calling 01622 717172.