'It is not on!' - Anger over cars parked on pavements across Hunts

Cars parking on pavements in Stukeley Meadows are putting people “in danger”.

Cars parking on pavements in Stukeley Meadows are putting people “in danger”. - Credit: Cambs Police

Problem parking on a Huntingdon estate hit a nerve with Hunts Post readers who were keen to share their experiences. 

Just a few of the responses on our Facebook page were from those who were concerned about cars on pavements causing an obstruction in the community.

“These drivers just don’t understand, as maybe they don’t have a relative in a wheelchair, mobility scooter or haven’t got a new-born in a pushchair that means they have to walk in the road,” one comment read. 

It comes as Cambs Police issued warning notices to cars parking on pavements on the Stukeley Meadows estate in recent weeks. 

They said that people were left “in danger” by being forced to walk in the road. 

They said a number of parking warnings were issued and “patrols of the area will continue”.  

Pictures posted online showed several cars left with wheels on kerbs and off the road. 

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Giancarlo Carl Di Blasi said: “Robertson Way estate is a nightmare.. I'm in a wheelchair and have to use the road as cars are parked on all the pavements...that's the problem with shared usage. 

Phyl Britten said: “This happens everywhere even when people are able to park on their own property."

Stephanie James said: “The road near me is appalling for cars being parked on the pavement. There is no way pedestrians can use the footpaths and the road would be very tight for emergency services to get through.  

“However, I don't blame the residents as there is nowhere else for them to park. 

“I never thought I'd say it but I think the time has come to use some of the smaller green spaces for parking and leave the large green spaces for nature and recreation instead of building houses on them.  

“The college fields are a prime example of green space which has been lost and it's also caused adjacent roads to be clogged up with cars.” 

Olga Heyburn added: “Police need to visit Howell Drive in Huntingdon and see if they make it to the street avoiding a head-on collision because of inconsiderate parking on the corner/bend, pavement or, better still, blocking access to private drives – it is not on!”