A nurse from Hinchingbrooke Hospital is appealing for food and toiletry donations as staff are working long shifts during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nurse Sarah Louise has said she and her colleagues would really benefit from key food items and toiletries.

Sarah and her manager, Gill Harris, have started a collection of toiletries in a basket for when staff spend long hours at the hospital.

Staff will also be adding to the collection themselves.

Suggestions are hand cream, barrier cream, deodorant, toiletries, sanitary products, face/baby wipes, pyjamas, pillow, blanket, sleeping bags, drinks, snacks and food such as porridge, cereal bars, pasta pots and soup.

Sarah said: “A small donation goes such a long way and I can tell you that seeing and knowing my colleagues may be provided with a small bit of relief or comfort in such a hard time is an incredible thing.

“We are only doing our job and enjoy doing so but Covid 19 has put so much pressure on us and knowing our concerns and worries aren’t just ours is so heart-warming.”

“Anything would be helpful and appreciated and if we get more than we need we will distribute around the hospital.”

Huntingdon Ladies Circle, together with the chairman Amy Lightfoot Lines, has created an Amazon Wish List for Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

She is collecting them for Hinchingbrooke Hospital, to be distrubted out evenly to each ward.

If you would like to make a donation to Hinchingbrooke Hospital, visit the Amazon Wish List and send it to Amy Lightfoot Lines, so it can arrive at Hinchingbrooke Hospital safely.

Visit the page at: - www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/3UQ6R8P8ZUYRU?ref_=wl_share&fbclid=IwAR22igKytlFQaTG18aXg9pCKZxS-lVET1pelVIVghqrSDphH1hJivZhLTak