Amber recovers from freak accident to become horse riding instructor

Amber Manfori-Lynn

Amber Manfori-Lynn - Credit: Archant

WHEN Amber Manfori-Lynn suffered a freak horse riding accident outside her home, her dreams of becoming an equine instructor appeared to have been dashed.

She suffered a dislocated knee, torn ligament and an injured back, leg and pelvis after she was run over by a horse box with two animals inside – in total, the trailer weighed two tonnes.

But now the 19-year-old’s career is back on track after she won a staff role at the College of West Anglia.

“My left side was totally messed up,” said Amber. “I didn’t ride for four years. I didn’t have the strength and it was too painful. It was a horrible experience.”

The accident, which happened on wet grass outside her home in Causeway Road, Broughton, nearly killed her. She had been walking up a slope when she slipped, fell down and was run over by the horse box.

She was on crutches for about 10 weeks – but she never gave up hope.

About 12 months ago Amber, who first learned to ride when she was three years old, was encouraged by a friend to get on a horse again.

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“It was a really good feeling and it gave me a great sense of achievement,” she said. “Horses have always been my life. I had my life back and could do what I wanted.

“It felt like there was something missing so I thought: ‘I’ve got to get back into riding’.”

She underwent physiotherapy and acupuncture to help her get back into shape for riding and started training at the College of West Anglia’s campus in Milton, near Cambridge to become a riding instructor for people with disabilities.

She is now studying for a Level Three Extended Diploma in equine studies, having completed a Level Three Diploma in social care.

The college has also given her a staff role, which involves the general care of the horses, so she can do more riding and she has also been offered a long term work placement at an eventing centre near Hamburg, Germany.

“It will be an amazing experience,” she said.