Alvin ended up crying into his biscuit dough on The Great British Bake Off

Marie is the second contestant to leave the show.

Marie is the second contestant to leave the show. - Credit: Archant

Episode Two of The Great British Bake Off featured the humble biscuit, but pronouncing the names of the biscuits seemed to be the first stumbling block for our 11 bakers. The double-baked biscotti presented some challenges, and after last week’s drama with her sliding Black Forest Gateaux, Dorret needed a good bake. Instead, she was told her biscotti biscuits would lead to a trip to the dentist.

She did redeem herself with the technical challenge - a puff pastry swirly thing called an Arlette - which Paul admitted was “tricky” but told us it was “all about the lamination”, which meant making sure you folded the pastry correctly.

Marie had a disaster when she failed to set her oven properly and only managed to cook half her biscuits, which meant she was now in trouble, after being named Star Baker last week.

The Showstopper brought more tears this week, but it was Alvin who cried into his biscuit dough. The bakers were asked to make 36 biscuits and place them in an edible biscuit tin. Mat the firefighter made a biscuit fire-engine and Ugne made something involving a biscuit baby, which Mary described as “a bit garish”. Bless her and her great British politeness.

Flora’s intricate design won her praise and Ian was told his was a good bake, but Alvin ran out of time and had to abandon his ambitious 3-D box. Dorret, Paul and Marie were all singled out as being in trouble this week. but it was Marie who became the second contestant to leave the show after the judges described her efforts as “poor” and accused her of “sticking to her comfort zone”.

Star Baker this week was Ian, and Mat and Sandy also did well, according to the judges. Not sure if it was my imagination, but there seem to be a lot less of the mucky humour from Mel and Sue this week. Is it all sitting on the cutting room floor?

So, if you were inspired to bake after watching the show, why not join our Hunts Post Bake Off challenge?

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