Almost 1,000 homes in St Neots suffered power cut during thunderstorm

Lightning over St Neots Picture by Roger Skillin

Lightning over St Neots Picture by Roger Skillin

ALMOST 1,000 homes in Eynesbury suffered a power cut last night as a thunderstorm raged through the area.

UK Power Networks said 869 customers were affected by a brief interruption to their electricity supply. Engineers say the power cut lasted less than a minute due to a new system.

A spokesman for UK Power Networks said: “In the past, when a transient fault, caused by something like lightning or wind-borne debris, affected our overhead line system, power supplies would remain off until the fault was located and a crew was sent to the site to restore power.

“This could take several hours.

“To improve this we have invested heavily in automation on our systems to cope with the temporary problems something like a branch blowing against a line could cause.

“We know customers find these short cuts inconvenient but this equipment prevents lengthier interruptions or more serious damage to our network.”