Alice is on a Pathfinder March mission for SANDS

A WOMAN who lost her new-born baby just hours after giving birth is undertaking the gruelling Pathfinder March for families who have been through similar experiences.

Alice Bullock is one of the 300 mothers a year who lose a child suddenly after birth in the UK.

The 23 year old from Somersham gave birth to her baby boy George Thomas Boon on December 6 at Hinchingbrooke Hospital after a normal and healthy pregnancy.

Complications during labour meant George, who was 10 days overdue, suffered breathing problems and had to delivered by emergency caesarean. He died a few hours later.

Alice, a project co-ordinator at children’s charity Young Lives, has received huge support from the stillbirth and neonatal death charity SANDS, and is keen to give something back.

She said: “My mum is a midwife and no-one tells you during pregnancy about the worst things that can happen.

“We were lying in a theatre, in such pain, thinking we are the only people ever to have experienced this. In fact 12 babies aged 29 weeks or over die every day from birth.”

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SANDS provided Alice and her partner Stuart Boon with a private memory box before they left hospital. Alice also received from a support group operating in St Neots.

Alice said: “They do not like you to leave hospital empty-handed. They included in the box George’s handprints and a locket of his hair.

“They also organise a memorial service every December for parents. Some parents were there for children who had died years ago.”

Alice will be undertaking the Pathfinder March, a 46 mile circular slog from RAF Wyton through Godmanchester, Graveley, Elsworth, Dry Drayton, Bluntisham and Warboys, today with her workmate Emma Robson, mum Fiona Smith and Stuart’s parents Ian and Gilly Boon.

Alice said: “We are doing training with a personal trainer, but I am looking to get to the last few miles.” INFORMATION: To sponsor Alice go to or to find out more about the Pathfinder March go to