Alconbury parishes have energetic communities who respect history and support each other

Alconbury Weston team

Alconbury Weston team - Credit: Andrew Turner

Alconbury contians village, Alconbury Cum Weston and Alconbury Weald which make up the community.  

Alconbury village has  a GP Surgery,  A sports and social Ccub, a pub and a shop. 

Lots of events take place which bring the community together and the Alconbury Sports and Social Club is considered to be one of the main hubs that allow people in the area to come together. 

Mick Gunney, a parish councillor for Alconbury Village and a trustee for the Alconbury Recreation Field charity said: “The first weekend in September last year, the Alconbury Recreation Field charity along with the Alconbury Sports and Social Club held a Flexible Fun Day. 

“This brought many members of the community together and we followed the Governments guidelines, including social distancing," he said.

“The types of activities that were held at the event were bowling, wellie wanging and egg and spoon.  

“It was a fundraising event that raised over £1500 for the Alconbury Recreation Field charity.” 

Thanks to the Waldburg shires and sponsorship from Adams, Cook and Pearce, Santa rode around Alconbury and into Alconbury...

Thanks to the Waldburg shires and sponsorship from Adams, Cook and Pearce, Santa rode around Alconbury and into Alconbury Weston in December 2020. - Credit: Alconbury Community Facebook page

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Charlotte Coopley, another parish councillor for Alconbury Village also believes the Christmas event is just as popular. 

Charlotte said: “Every Christmas time, a Santa goes round on a horse and carriage around Alconbury, spreading festive joy to the children.  

“Thanks to the Waldburg shires and sponsorship from Adams, Cook and Pearce, Santa rode around Alconbury and into Alconbury Weston. 

“So many people come out of their houses on their doorsteps to see him, they really love it.” 

A Christmas outdoor market was also held last year at the Alconbury Sports and Social Club selling foods, fragrances, books, toys and games, candles, jewellery, pottery, clothing, make up, crafts, beanbags and cushions and much more. 

The event was also held to raise money for the Alconbury Recreation Field charity, a raffle was held and lots of prizes were given out.  

Last year a charity cricket match was also held in memory of Glynn Faulkner who died 11 years ago. 

The charity cricket match took place between Alconbury village and Alconbury Weston on Sunday, August 30. 

This also brought members of the community together and the match raised more than £3,000 for The Glynn Fund. 

Alconbury Weston won the match with a score of 158 beating Alconbury village by just one run. 

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