The first liquefied natural gas station in the UK is up and running in Alconbury.

The gas station was craned onto site at Truckin' World, adjacent to the A1, late last month and is the first in the country to offer truck drivers the chance to fill up their tanks with the liquefied gas.

The innovative technology involves chilling natural gas to -162 degrees centigrade, making it less dense and allowing it to be transported over great distances in larger volumes that other fuels.

The gas is also much cleaner than traditional fuels, like diesel and petrol, and the supplier of the product, Chinese-owned ENN Group, hopes it will help cut emissions from lorries and other heavy goods vehicles.

Last Friday, Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly was invited to Alconbury for a demonstration of the station in action.

Mr Stanojevic said: "More and more trucks are going to be running on this type of fuel in future. It is better for the environment and it is saving on the cost of fuel for companies as well.

"We are the first retail outlet in the UK to introduce this and I am very pleased to be at the forefront of this technology."

Mr Stanojevic added that he expected a network of liquefied natural gas stations to spring up around the country, especially at ports, to help make the fuel more readily available and viable for drivers.