Alconbury’s swingers hotel now open midweek

ALCONBURY’S swingers club is now open three nights a week.

ALCONBURY’S swingers club is now open three nights a week.

Sometimes the weekend just isn’t long enough, and such has been the success of the club that owner Stewart Hobbs has bowed to demand from his clients and is now opening the club on Wednesdays as well.

He said: “They’ve all been asking us to open during the week so we decided to try it. [Two weeks ago] week it was kicking but it wasn’t so busy last week.

“We thought it wouldn’t work, but we tried it and it has worked – so far.

“It’s the same people coming on Wednesdays that come at the weekends, but it takes time to build these things.”

The Tease II Hotel, near the truck stop on Rusts Lane, Alconbury, was opened in January following the closure of Mr Hobbs’ previous club in Over. The upstairs of the venue is used as a swingers club while the 18-room downstairs floor is a functioning truck drivers’ stopover hotel.

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Mr Hobbs added: “Overall, things are going well at the club. The jacuzzi house has now been installed and we are due to put the last boiler in next week.”

He said the acquisition of an alcohol licence had allowed him to better regulate consumption at the club, which was previously a bring-your-own affair.

“It stops people thinking ‘I’ll just finish off that last glass in the bottle’, and gives us that little bit of control.”