Magpas Air Ambulance Service appealing for PPE equipment as they have less than a month’s supply left

Magpas Air Ambulance Service PICTURE: Magpas Ambulance Service

Magpas Air Ambulance Service PICTURE: Magpas Ambulance Service - Credit: Magpas Ambulance Service

Magpas are appealing for more PPE masks to be donated to the charity

Magpas Air Ambulance are asking companies to donate protective masks as they have less than one month’s supply left.

The Cambridgeshire based 24-hour service covers the East of England and is asking DIY stores and building companies to give any protective masks they can.

Andy Smith, clinical operations director said: “We are a charity and we are not directly funded by the NHS or by the government, so we have to rely on the goodwill of people, to give us donations so that we can buy more PPE.”

The charity is in most urgent need of (FF)P3 respirator masks, but also required surgical gloves, clinical aprons, Cat 3 type 5/6 coverall suits, anti-fog glasses, anti-bacterial wipes and gel.

They have also spent £6,000 on this equipment in two weeks and it cost £160,000 a month to keep its ambulance airborne.

Due to fundraising events also been cancelled in the last few weeks, donations have dropped meaning it has been really difficult to fund the charity effectively at this time.

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The Magpas charity also expect an increase in workload over the next few weeks as the Covid 19 outbreak continues.

A spokesman for Magpas said: “Our current estimate is that our income over the coming months will be £200,000 lower than previously expected; an amount which would normally allow us to respond to over 60 patients.

“We know that we are not alone in having to deal with the financial impact of this pandemic and appreciate that these unprecedented times will put additional strain on many.

“We have always been fortunate to receive fantastic support from the public; this is what keeps us going .

“The coming weeks will be more difficult for all of us, but particularly for our teams on the front line.

“Thank you for your continued support, it really is appreciated.”

If you are able to donate, then you can do so here at