Youngsters going to the operating theatre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital will be able to ride in a battery powered car instead of on a trolley following a donation by a motoring firm.

Aaron Ginn, boss of Papworth firm A G Motors, stepped in to cheer up patients on the children's ward after spending time there with his child.

His firm has bought three ride-on, battery-powered cars, wrapped in AG branding to make them look cool, in his latest fundraising project.

Mr Ginn has already been supporting fundraising for local youngster Xavi Johnson who needs extra treatment after he was left with cerebral palsy following birth problems.

One of the cars was presented to the children's ward at Hinchingbrooke, one will go to Xavi, and Mr Ginn hopes that the third will be accepted by Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge.

Mr Ginn said: "Whilst being in hospital with my baby who was born a little poorly, I wanted to do something for the children to cheer them up on the wards. What better than to give them a little car to drive around on?

"I remember pushing play cars around when I was a child and always wanting to grow up driving a real one."

He said: "I also spent time in hospital as a child and can remember zooming up and down the ward corridors waiting for the numbing cream to take its place on the hand so thought maybe this will take their mind off it.

"I am currently working in my business in Papworth and opening the new one in Over, so to be able to take a some time out to purchase and wrap these cars and then hand them over gives me a sense of achievement, especially if it creates some smiles. That will do me."