Aficionados can ‘explore the world’ at town’s new coffee shop

Rob Alexander and Katie Wilson of Smell the Coffee, in St Ives.

Rob Alexander and Katie Wilson of Smell the Coffee, in St Ives. - Credit: Archant

Coffee lovers in St Ives are being given the opportunity to explore the world thanks to the unique vision of an entrepreneur.

Rob Alexander has launched Smell the Coffee, in Foundry Walk, selling barista-style coffee for people to enjoy at home.

The shop, which opened in December, was the dream of Mr Alexander after moving from Seattle nine years ago.

“I’ve always had a passion for coffee which has progressed since I came to the UK and I thought now was the right time,” Mr Alexander, said.

“The town is flooded with brands like Costa and Starbucks but there isn’t a good place to go to get great quality coffee for your home.”

To find the coffee beans for the store, the team carried out extensive research in a bid to find the best.

“We went through a lot of research, bought in a lot of beans and carried out a lot of sampling to come up with our own blends and our own creations.”

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The shop now sells its seven different blends using beans from across the world including Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Malawi and Cuba.

To be able to give customers the chance to enjoy the blends at home staff are able to grind the coffee in-house.

As well as coffee beans, the shop also sells a variety of coco beans from the likes of Peru and Ecuador, along with 15 types of tea.

Customers can also pop in and get a coffee to take away.