A campaign to refurbish a school in Ramsey has been launched.

The Abbey was given to Ramsey Grammar School, now Abbey College, in 1938 by Diana Broughton, sister of the third Lord de Ramsey.

However, due to its age, the building needs significant improvements, and investment is also needed in Abbey College's other buildings.

Andy Christoforou, head teacher of Abbey College, said: "Our ageing buildings are becoming a drain on our already tight budgets and this is preventing us from achieving more.

"Eighty years ago Diana Broughton made an invaluable commitment to education through a donation to the town. We believe that the community now deserves further investment in better quality buildings for education and this is essential in order for the college to continue to offer an education fit for the 21st century."

To register your support for this cause, go to www.ramseydeservesmore.co.uk.