Minecraft to transform A428 Black Cat scheme for local pupils

Pupils can jump in and explore the A428 Black Cat scheme through in-game activities on best-selling platform Minecraft.

Pupils can jump in and explore the A428 Black Cat scheme through in-game activities on best-selling platform Minecraft. Here is a video shared of the project in 2019. - Credit: Blockbuilders/ Highways England

Fancy building a bridge or digging a tunnel on the A428 Black Cat project? In a new Minecraft video game local schoolchildren will be able to do just that.

Pupils can jump in and explore the major improvements scheme through in-game activities on best-selling platform Minecraft. 

Scheme for A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet enters crucial stage of planning.

Pupils can jump in and explore the A428 Black Cat scheme through in-game activities on best-selling platform Minecraft. - Credit: HIGHWAYS ENGLAND

The game will ask a set of questions, and students can spend as much time as they want building and designing things. 

It aims to show the range of skills used by National Highways to build some of the biggest road projects, including archaeology, biology and engineering. 

Teachers can use lesson plans included with the game for students aged seven to 11 (key stage 2) and 11 to 14 (key stage 3) and during lunchtime or after-school clubs.  

Lee Galloway, A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet project director, said: “With the help of Minecraft and the in-game activities, students will get first-hand experience of what would go into building a huge bridge or digging a giant tunnel.  

“In real life these are multi-million-pound structures that are carefully designed and then built by experts.  

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“These skills and expertise help to create the motorways and main roads that keep us all moving, whether going to work, delivering goods or keeping families and friends connected.” 

The Minecraft maps and games were created by Blockbuilders C.I.C. 

Another A428 Minecraft game is set to be released soon focusing on natural habitats, which will be promoted via social media. 

Megan Leckie, co-director at BlockBuilders Youth Engagement, said: “Creative platforms such as these open up a whole new world of learning for young people, where they can be directly engaged with their local environment and find out more about engineering.”  

To discover more about the National Highways Minecraft STEM learning package or to receive the educational resource pack, visit: www.highwaysengland.co.uk/minecraft 

In addition, National Highways is also offering four workshops throughout the autumn term (September to December 2021) and is looking for local schools who would be interested in in-class workshops with developers.  

If you would like one of these workshops to take place at your school, please contact: info@A428.co.uk 

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