A14 and smoke cloud warning after recycling centre fire

HUNTINGDON residents were being warned to keep their windows shut as smoke from a fire at a recycling site was being blown towards the town on Saturday morning.

Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said about 60 firefighters were tackling the blaze at Huntingdon Recycling Centre near to the A14 at Ellington.

The fire, which involved approximately 1,000 tonnes of composted material and material waiting to be composted, was reported at 3am on Saturday morning.

A fire service spokesman said: “Crews are working hard to tackle the fire with the assistance of the Environment Agency, Highways Agency and the United States Air Force, which is assisting with water supplies.

“Crews from Northampton and Bedfordshire have also been assisting.”

High winds were causing the fire to spread, resulting in the closure of the A14 westbound carriage way.

The fire service also warned that the fire was causing aplume of smoke, which was being carried by strong winds, towards Huntingdon. Residents affected by the smoke were advised to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed.