Floral display at Hinchingbrooke Hospital will help raise funds for NHS

A THX NHS sign created by Nichola Fitzgibbon PICTURE: Cambridgeshire

A THX NHS sign created by Nichola Fitzgibbon PICTURE: Cambridgeshire Police - Credit: Cambridge Police

Florist Nichola Fitzgibbon has arranged the sign displaying the words THXHNS

Florist Nichola Fitzgibbon created this stunning floral display outside the front entrance at Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Nichola, who lives close to the hospital, in Huntingdon, offered to make her arrangement to express her gratitude to the NHS. She approachd the hospital who asked her if she would like to display the words THXNHS instead to help launch their fund-raising campaign.

She said: “If you have had a really hard day, and you need some cheering up, hopefully it will make your day.

“I started creating this sign on Saturday and it took me two days, I was happy to get involved with the campaign.

“I approached Huntingdon Tesco and explained I wanted to create this sign, they simply said take all the flowers you need, which was so amazing of them.

“A fellow friend Emily Watson from Emily Tallulah Flowers, in Dry Drayton, donated flowers and Huntree Fencing, in Little Paxton, donated chicken wire and wood to help build the frame.

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“I was wanted to do my bit to say a massive thank you to the NHS for all their hard work they are doing.“

Jo Bennis, Chief Nurse at the Trust, said: “We are so grateful to Nichola for this beautiful display that encapsulates the gratitude that the public are showing to the NHS at this time.

“The text to donate campaign will allow members of the public to support staff by enabling the little extras such as hand creams, toiletries, snacks, wellbeing packages and so on to be handed out on their behalf.”

The North West Anglia NHS Trust, which runs Hinchingbrooke Hospital, has launched a campaign to raise money and is encouraging people to donate £5 by texting: THXNHS to 70970.