Youngsters being treated at Hinchingbrooke Hospital were in for a sweet surprise on August 24, when more than 700 chocolate bars were delivered to Holly Ward.

Organised by the St Ives Town Team, which is supported by the town council, the town mayor, Councillor Debbie Townsend, and Councillor Ian Jackson presented staff with the donation before children tucked in.

Sandie White, Holly Ward and paediatric outpatient manager, said: “A huge thank you to the town team and St Ives Town Council for their kind donation. This will bring a smile to the children and their parents whilst they visit the Children’s Unit.

“These chocolate treats will certainly go down well with the parents as well as the children when we have our afternoon snacks.”

The hazelnut wafers were originally given to St Ives from the mayor of its twin town in Germany, the Burgermeister of Stadtellendorf, Christian Somogyi, for a scene in a play.

After a 12-hour journey, 4,000 bars arrived in St Ives.

“When the Burgermeister came over a couple of weeks ago with all his chocolates for the play, he asked that any left over would go to children within the area,” Cllr Townsend said.

“We were thrilled to be able to come here and make this lovely gift to the unit, and we’ll go back to him and let him know the great news, and continue the good links that exist between our towns.”