A St Neots councillor described as a “champion for the town” has lost his battle with cancer

Steve van de Kerkhove

Steve van de Kerkhove - Credit: Archant

St Neots town councillor Steve van de Kerkhove has died after losing his battle with cancer.

Mr van de Kerkhove, aged 44, who was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma just after last May’s election, died on Sunday. He was a town, district and county councillor and has been described as a “champion for St Neots”.

St Neots mayor James Corley, said he heard from Mr van de Kerkhove last week and he was upbeat about his treatment and prognosis.

“He sent me an email and he seemed upbeat about his treatment. We knew he was very ill and things were bad, but he had such a true fighting spirit that it seemed he might pull through.”

Mr Corley continued: “He was a well respected and experienced councillor who put St Neots, and particularly Eynesbury, at the heart of everything he did. He was a champion for the town and true to the people who elected him. If ever I had cause to ring him he would always raise my spirits. He was straightforward and honest and had a great sense of fair play and was a very principled man. I will miss Steve van de Kerkhove the politician, but I will also miss the friend and trusted confidant.”