Teenagers across the district collected their A-level exam results today (Thursday)

St Ivo students Callum Jagger, Connor Ellwood, Matt Harding, Dilraj Ahmed and Dihraj AhmedSt Ivo students Callum Jagger, Connor Ellwood, Matt Harding, Dilraj Ahmed and Dihraj Ahmed


Students studying at St Neots Sixth Form Centre produced a strong set of results, with a significant number of outstanding individual performances.

Head teacher, Martin Paine, said he was delighted with an overall pass rate of 99 per cent, with 46 per cent of all grades at A*-B and Distinction*-Distinction. The combined A*-C rate was 78 per cent.

All vocational subjects in sport, business, science and ICT achieved a 100 per cent pass rate whilst 93 per cent of students who took the extended project qualification achieved grades A*-B.

St Peter's School students George Ridgers, Isobel Airs, Kathryn Favell, Ella Wesbroom and Phoebe RuddockSt Peter's School students George Ridgers, Isobel Airs, Kathryn Favell, Ella Wesbroom and Phoebe Ruddock

Outstanding individual success was enjoyed by Benjamin Walton (A*A* AA), Kimberley Tirrell (A*AAA), Sophie Tonks (AAAA), Alex Winter-Goodwin (A*A*AA), Natalie Hau (A*AAAA), Amy Arrowsmith (A*AAA) and Declan Wiseman (A*A*AB) allowing these students to go on to study further at some of the top universities in the country.

Director of Sixth Form, Mark Taylor, said: “At a time of significant changes in education, the outcomes achieved by the students are a testament to the hard work put in during the course of their studies and the time and support invested by staff and parents/carers. I am delighted by the wide range of subjects which have achieved such positive results for our students which are indicative of the opportunities available to sixth form students in the town.”


St Peter's School student Annaliese HehirSt Peter's School student Annaliese Hehir

St Peter’s School saw a marked improvement in the number of pupils achieving the top grades.

Some 46 per cent of students achieved grades at A*-B, compared to 27 per cent a year previously, while 28 per cent of students gained A*-A.

Christopher Bennet, head teacher of St Peter’s School, said: “I am proud of our students’ achievements who, supported by their parents and guided by our staff, have achieved the highest possible grade across a broad range of subjects.

“This year students have continued to demonstrate both their academic and personal development through attaining the grades necessary to secure places at prestigious universities such as Durham, Birmingham, Loughborough, York and Nottingham.”

St Peter's School students collecting their A Level resultsSt Peter's School students collecting their A Level results

Results were particularly strong in English language (50 % A*-B), mathematics (54% A*-B), physics (66% A*-B), history (54% A*-B), IT (96% A*-B), PE (80% A*-B) and performing arts (100% A*-B).

Mr Bennet added: “The success of students demonstrates the improvements being made at St Peter’s which are supporting our students to attain higher qualifications, giving them greater opportunities for the rest of their lives.”

One student was chuffed with his results was Cameron Scott who received an A*, two A’s and a B in English language, physics, maths and computer science.

He said: “It’s really great to get my results, they were just about what I thought I would get so I’m really pleased.”

St Peter's School students Ann-Marie Norton and Cameron ScottSt Peter's School students Ann-Marie Norton and Cameron Scott

Former Huntingdon carnival queen Ann-Marie Norton collected her results accompanied by her mum, and opened the brown envelope to see she had been awarded with an A, two B’s and C in maths, further maths, chemistry and physics.

“I am really happy because I got my university confirmation at 8am this morning,” said Ann-Marie. She will now be going to the University of York to study physics and astrophysics.

Phoebe Ruddock couldn’t wait to get her results this morning and was up early to check UCAS to see whether she had got into her chosen university.

“I woke up at 7.30 [am] to see if UCAS had updated and it said that I had got into university but I was still nervous about collcting my results,” Phoebe said.

St Ivo students Sam Webb, Hannah Smith, Rachel Downes and Janine McMahonSt Ivo students Sam Webb, Hannah Smith, Rachel Downes and Janine McMahon

After gaining two A’s and a B in sociology, English language and history she will be going to Durham University.


Almost 70 per cent of pupils recorded A*-C grades as head of sixth form, Charlie Fordham, hailed the achievements of pupils.

St Ivo students Rebecca Smith, Domonic Bird and Amy MooreSt Ivo students Rebecca Smith, Domonic Bird and Amy Moore

Some 12 per cent of pupils managed A*-A grades, while more than a third managed A*-B. The overall pass rate remained high, at 98 per cent.

Charlie Fordham, head of sixth form, said: “We are so excited for all those of our students whose results have reflected the hard work they have put in, and have deservedly enabled them to progress to their choice of university or their planned next steps in their career.

“The results represent a significant amount of determined and courageous effort by our students, several of whom have faced chronic illness, whilst many others have overcome intense personal challenges, to achieve their results.”

Top students included Josh Clarke, who managed three A* grades and an A; Chris Addis and Nik Duncan, who both managed two A* grades, and two As, and Jessica Ng, who got an A*, three A grades, and an A* in the extended project.

Hinchingbrooke School student Josh ClarkeHinchingbrooke School student Josh Clarke

Mr Fordham added: “When Yinzi Zhang arrived at the school in Year 10, she had barely any knowledge of English, and had to work unbelievably hard even to understand the questions she was being asked to answer. And yet, through these challenges, her abilities have shone like a beacon, and, despite remaining modest and almost apologetic about her academic - particularly mathematical – talents, she achieved A*, A* A.

“We send our congratulations to our Year 13s for what they have achieved as a result of their commitment to their studies, and we send our best wishes to each and every one of them.”

Josh Clarke has joined Hinchingbrooke’s long tradition of students going to study at Oxbridge. The 18-year-old has been awarded a place at Oxford University to study engineering, after gaining three A*’s and an A in maths, further maths, physics and history.

“I overwhelmed with the results and a little bit surprised as a lot of work has gone into the exams and revision, as well as the things I do outside of school,” said Josh.

Laeticia Parker, St Ivo Sixth Form pupil.Laeticia Parker, St Ivo Sixth Form pupil.

“I already knew that I had got into Oxford when I collected my results which took some of the pressure off.”

Also celebrating is Cherry Rothwell after she gained an A and 2 B’s in English literature, geography and history. Following her results the Huntingdon-pupil has received a scholarship from the University of East Anglia.


Kimbolton pupils Megan Lowe, James Burdock, Miranda Poulter, Adrian Chu and Ioana Diac.Kimbolton pupils Megan Lowe, James Burdock, Miranda Poulter, Adrian Chu and Ioana Diac.

Students and staff are celebrating the school’s best ever results, with 57 per cent of results at A* or A.

Some 18.3 per cent of the results were at A* grade and a further 38.8 per cent were at A.

More than 79 per cent of the grades were at A* to B.

Forty students, almost 40 per cent of the year group, gained at least three A*/As.

Sawtry Village College students celebrate exam successSawtry Village College students celebrate exam success

In addition to their A Level studies, one in five students undertook an extended project qualification, a self-directed and self-motivated research project completed in their own time.

Some 96 per cent of those achieved A*/A grades which, in some cases, were integral to the success of their university applications.

James Burdock, from Thrapston, and Susan Chen (Eaton Ford) both achieved 4A*s. James will be reading mathematics at Churchill College, Cambridge, while Susan will be studying economics at the London School of Economics.

Leo Grant (Tilbrook) and Ellie Reid (Winwick) both gained 3A*s and one A grade. Both plan to move to Bath, Leo to read aerospace engineering and Ellie to study physics.

Melissa Quail with teacher Kate Bell.Melissa Quail with teacher Kate Bell.

Other top performers included Matthew Cooper (St Ives), Bill Duberly (Stonely) and

Bethany Heath (Spaldwick) who were all awarded 2A*s and 2As. Jago Brockway

(Pertenhall), Naomi Daniels-Holgate (Islip), Ioana Diac (Kettering), Charlie Gardner

(Upper Dean), Daniel Koutný (Czech Republic), Ethan O’Kelly (Lower Cambourne), Ellie Peters (Fenstanton), Esme Steele (Lower Dean) and Konnor Wingate (Spaldwick) all gained at least 2A*s.

Emma Blackburn, Ben Wilson, and Ellen Munday.Emma Blackburn, Ben Wilson, and Ellen Munday.

A further 59 students gained at least one A.

Jonathan Belbin, Kimbolton School headmaster said: “These results show real depth of achievement, borne of excellent teaching plus the hard work and commitment from our students. All, regardless of their ability, have also developed a wide variety of personal skills and qualities, which will set them up for life. I wish them all well and, as always, look forward to hearing of their future successes.”


Amelia Mace, Jack Mitchell, Cherry Rothwell at Hinchingbrooke School.Amelia Mace, Jack Mitchell, Cherry Rothwell at Hinchingbrooke School.

The number of students achieving A*-C grades rose to 83 per cent, some nine per cent higher than in 2016.

The overall pass rate remained at 100 per cent, with more than half of students achieving the highest A*-B grades (57 per cent), a 12 per cent increase from last year.

The academy’s level three diploma in childcare and education had another extremely successful set of results with 75 per cent A*-B and 100 per cent A*-C.

Sarah Wilson, principal of Sawtry Academy, said: “We are incredibly proud of all our students, the majority of whom have secured their first choice of university. This fantastic set of results has not only exceeded our expectations and predictions, but also reflects the hard-work and dedication of both our students and staff.

Sophie Day with twins Jemma and Alex Reed.Sophie Day with twins Jemma and Alex Reed.

“We wish all our students the best in their future endeavours.”

Notably high performances included Hannah Wilson, who achieved A* in biology, A in chemistry, A in English literature and A in history. Hannah will be moving on to study classical archaeology and ancient history at the University of Oxford. Luke Suckling achieved an A* in history, A in biology, A in English literature and A in business studies. Luke will be studying business and management at York University. Chris Currien achieved an A in biology, A in physics, A in mathematics and A in ICT. Chris is moving on to study automotive engineering.

Particular praise also goes out to students that took the BTEC applied medical science course, who all attained two A* grades.

Hinchingbrooke students George Sturdy and Ryan AntseyHinchingbrooke students George Sturdy and Ryan Antsey


The college achieved a 98 per cent pass rate and its highest results remained strong, with 30 per cent of students receiving A* or A grades and 47 per cent achieving A* to B grades.

Almost three quarters of students were awarded A* to C grades (72 per cent).

Among the top performing subjects were history (36 per cent A* or A) and geography, which doubled the percentage of students achieving A*- B to 63 per cent. 100 per cent of students achieved A* to C grades in sociology. Improvements were also reported in maths with 45 per cent of students achieving A*-B grades.

Abbey College pupil Sam Mercer.Abbey College pupil Sam Mercer.

Andy Christoforou, head teacher at Abbey College, said: “We are extremely proud to have achieved another strong set of results this year. Our students have all worked very hard, with many of them securing places at their first choice university.

“On behalf of all members of staff at the college, I would like to wish our students all the best with their next chapter, and to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.”

The top performing students at Abbey College were Sam Mercer who has been accepted to the University of Cambridge to study maths (A*A*A*), head girl Bryony Smith (A*AA), head boy Rory Austin (A*A*B), Jack Schiavo (AAA) and Austin O’Neill (AAB).

Congratulations also go to Liam Woods, Harry Mandley and Jay Coulson who all achieved three distinction* grades.


There was celebration all round for students at St Ivo Sixth with 100 per cent of pupils passing their A-level exams.

Head teacher Sam Griffin was delighted with the rise in the number of students gaining A* to B, which rose from 41 per cent last year to 46 per cent this year.

The school also saw 74 per cent of its pupils gain A* to C grades.

Mr Griffin said: “We are delighted to have received another set of strong A-level results, this year showing particular improvement in our A*, A and B grades. These results will enable the vast majority of our students to progress to the university courses of their choice.”

Individual successes at the school include eight students with straight A* and A grades, or equivalent. There were also particularly great results great results in the maths department, where 39 per cent of students achieved A* A grades.

The school also marked success on the Cambridge Technical Sport course where all students achieved Distinction* or Distinction grades which are equivalent to A*A.

Janine McMahon, from St Ives, was celebrating with her friend Rachel Downes as the pair will be attending Leeds University together.

18-year-old Janine received three A’s in biology, chemistry and geography, while Rachel was ecstatic with two A*’s and an A.

Joining them at Leeds University is Sam Webb who accomplished an A* and three A’s in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry.

He said: “I am feeling pretty relieved and satisfied about my results. Now I’m excited about university and I got the results that I needed.

Another student who was chuffed with results was Laeticia Parker who, after her hard work throughout the two years, gained an A* in history, an A in English literature and double Distinction* in sport.

One pupil who has decided to take a gap year after months of studying is Hannah Smith.

The 18-year-old received three A’s and after all of the exams and expectation is looking forward to celebrating.