Lucy regularly sends in music requests to Black Cat Radio.

A teenager from Little Paxton has built her own model radio station in her back garden.

Lucy Conrad, aged 15, who has epilepsy and attends Samuel Pepys School, in St Neots, is a big fan of Black Cat Radio and first visited Ste Greenall, the breakfast presenter, last year at the studios and enjoyed her experience.

Lucy previously suffered from up to 100 seizures a day but has been taking Canabid oil (CBD) for the last year, which has significantly reduced the number of seizures she has, which is currently about one a week.

Ste said: “Lucy regularly sends in music requests to me and I often play songs for the children as they travel on the bus to Samuel Pepys School.

“At Christmas, Lucy came back to the studio, and introduced a song.

“She was fascinated by the studio and the mixing desk, and has remembered the controls. She has an A and B button, just like we do.”