83,000 in Hunts can vote on May 3

VOTERS in 15 Huntingdonshire District Council wards will soon be getting polling cards for local elections on Thursday May 3.

But some among the 83,000 electors in the district eligible to vote in May are warned that they may be asked to cast their ballots at a different polling station from previous years, following a full review of polling stations last summer.

In addition to one St Ives Town Council seat up for grabs, 14 town and parish councils are set to have full elections – if there are more nominations than vacant seats.

District council seats to be contested (sitting councillors’ names and parties in brackets) are: Brampton (Peter Downes LD), Godmanchester (Peter Godley C), Huntingdon East (Mike Shellens LD), Huntingdon North (Jeff Dutton C), Ramsey (Philip Swales C), Sawtry (Dick Tuplin Ind), Somersham (Steve Criswell C), St Ives East (Jason Ablewhite C), St Ives West (Julie Dew C), Eaton Ford (Bob Farrer C), Eaton Socon (Andrew Jennings C), Eynesbury (Andrew Hansard C), The Hemingfords (Ian Bates C), Warboys and Bury (Peter Ward LD) and Yaxley and Farcet (John Watts C).

It is believed that not all sitting councillors will seek re-election, but that will not be know for sure until nominations close on April 4.

In addition, full parish council elections are due in Brampton, Broughton, Conington (near Sawtry), Glatton, Godmanchester, Great Gidding, Hemingford Abbots, Hilton, Little Gidding, Old Hurst, Pidley-cum-Fenton, Sawtry, Warboys and Woodhurst.

Voters still have time to apply for postal and proxy votes. Huntingdonshire electoral officers can be contacted on 01480 388017 or through www.huntingdonshire.gov.uk.