Sewing’s more than just a grandma’s game. Those that are a dab hand with the needle have a secret – it’s the power of a timeless wardrobe.

Sew and design clothes that suit your taste and body shape. Picture: HabbydaysSew and design clothes that suit your taste and body shape. Picture: Habbydays

Armed with the skills to repair any piece of clothing, you'll never again need to say goodbye to your favourite pair of jeans and who knows what else you might discover?

We spoke to store owner Gayle Hall who shared why she thinks sewing is one of the best hobbies to get involved with. She shared how sewing workshops can introduce you to the friends of a lifetime, teach you things you never expected and bring your community together.

1. Sewing is social - pop along and spin and a yarn or two

Enjoy a hobby where you can enjoy getting creative and learning something new. Picture: HabbydaysEnjoy a hobby where you can enjoy getting creative and learning something new. Picture: Habbydays

"It's a wonderful place for people to gather, work on projects together and share their knowledge with others," said Gayle.

Every Friday, Habbydays run 'Knit and Natter' from 11 am until 2 pm. It's a free session you can pop along to. Take any project you're working on and enjoy tea and biscuits while you catch up with friends.

2. Fun for all ages - the family that crafts together, stays together

Parents and kids can work together on projects - crafting costumes for school plays - helping you save money and spend quality time with your family.

Every Saturday morning Habbydays run classes for children aged seven and up. Kids can learn how to sew cushions, pencil cases and shopping bags and how to design and price items of clothing. They can learn useful skills and meet new friends, all while stimulating their creativity.

"You can get creative, develop skills you can use in many areas of life and enjoy a hobby that can help you relax, get out and about and just have a go at trying something new," Gayle said.

"We have a lot of young people interested in the classes. Many of them are re-enactors or cosplayers that come in to find the things they need to make their costumes."

3. Sewing is good for the soul - it can help stitch you back together

A new hobby can focus your mind, build your confidence and give you a creative outlet when you're not feeling at your best.

The weekly 'wellbeing Wednesday' group that's held at the showroom is a safe space for individuals to meet and talk while doing something they enjoy.

"It encourages people to leave their homes and socialise with the community. It helps combat loneliness and keeps the mind healthy and active," Gayle said. "The people in my group have become my family. We share genuine love and passion and I've seen amazing things happen because we're all here for one another."

4. Repair not replace - become a dab hand at mending your fave clothes

From threading the eye of the needle to repairing clothes, there's a lot that sewing can teach you. Habbydays run adult workshops where you can go to tighten up your skills or get a crash course on all things textile.

You can even attend a weekend boot camp for a short, intensive craft workout.

"Last year we ran a weekend workshop dedicated to jean making. We gave people two days to find a pattern, fit it and construct their jeans," Gayle said. "It was a challenging task, but everyone loved it and learned a lot."

Sewing can teach you how to mend and alter clothes. Instead of binning them, you can learn how to fix that pair of jeans with the busted zip and torn knee. You can help save the planet by reducing the number of clothes you throw away.

5. Create tailor-made threads - no one knows your body better than you

With the right skills, you'll be able to style and shape your clothes to suit your body type.

"Most of us aren't the 'typical high street shape.' It's hard to find clothes that fit and usually, we end up compromising in one way or another. If it fits in the hips, it doesn't quite in the leg and vice versa," Gayle said.

"But when you're designing your clothes, you're in control of the measurements and the cut and you can personalise the garment to your taste and make something that stands out and is unique."

Sew into you

Habbydays is a local and online haberdashery in Cambridgeshire that specialises in dressmaking, craft fabrics and quilting. They're dedicated to the local community and transforming the showroom into a place you can relax, meet with friends and enjoy sewing.

If you fancy a tango with your needles or know the next little dressmaker of Huntingdon follow Habbydays on Facebook and discover what's on.

For all your fabric needs call 01480 5853822 or visit to read Gayle's top tips for your upcoming Tuesday and discover all you need to know about fabric.