�250 repair bill for Cambridge’s Shire Hall after locks glued

A �250 repair bill will be footed by tax payers after six locks at Cambridgeshire County Council’s offices in Shire Hall had superglue poured into them.

Andy Allsopp, head of communications at the council, said it is believed the glued locks were the work of anti-cuts protesters on Tuesday (February 15) at around 5am.

Mr Allsop said: “It appears that not only were protesters intent on disrupting the meeting [full council held on Tuesday to discuss the budget for the council] but they were also intent on preventing the council doing its work.

“We have got the incident caught on our CCTV, but the people who did this were disturbed by a member of staff.”

Following the incident two locks have had to be replaced, while a further four have been unglued.

Mr Allsop said: “We intend to report this incident to the police.”