A fundraising event to improve the safety of a garden used by a Huntingdonshire boy who is blind and has battens disease.

Jan Goodey, the auntie of 12-year-old Harry Houghton, has organised a family fun day to take place at the Comrades Club in Godmanchester from 2pm this Saturday (June 22).

She is also undertaking a 12-hour paddle on the river from midnight Friday to midday Saturday lunchtime.

This will be followed by a fancy dress fun run for all ages from the comrades club to the recreation ground.

There will then be a family day at the comrades club with lots of stalls, BBQ food and live music.

She said: "Harry was born a normal child just like every other boy, but suddenly things went wrong for him from about the age of three.

"After many tests he was diagnosed with battens disease. Sadly this will shorten his life considerably, and he is now completely blind.

"The one thing he loves is to be outside in his garden, but the garden currently isn't very safe for him.

"There are lots of trip hazards and things that would generally cause him harm.

Email help4harry@hotmail.com or visit the Help4Harry GoFundMe page.

(Image: Jan Goodey)

(Image: Jan Goodey)