Three people were arrested at an Indian restaurant in St Neots following a visit from Immigration Enforcement officers.

A spokesperson from the Home Office said: "On Saturday June 8, Immigration Enforcement visited Kaaizan's, St Neots, where three individuals were arrested and subsequently bailed for illegal working.

"The employer was served with a Civil Penalty Referral Notice, making them liable for a fine of up to £45,000 per illegal worker.

"Illegal working causes untold harm to our communities, cheating honest workers out of employment, putting vulnerable people at risk, and defrauding the public purse."

In 2023, illegal working visits increased 73 per cent from 2022, with overall arrests more than doubling.

If a penalty issued by Immigration Enforcement remains unpaid, the Home Office engage with "third-party specialists" who use various debt recovery strategies, including legal action, to pursue payments through the court.

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