A popular skate park is set for a much-needed refurbishment now that the local committee has secured funds.

Sam Curtin and Chris Hatch, heads of the Skate Park Committee in St Neots, have campaigned tirelessly for their project, Revamp the Ramp.

The project aims to, essentially, revamp the St Neots Skate Park. The main aim is to get the ramps at the park resurfaced.

Sam and Chris's hard work has now paid off, as the pair have successfully negotiated a reduced quote for resurfacing works to take place - which they'll be able to pay for from their fundraising efforts.

In a statement, the committee told The Hunts Post: "The Skate Park committee is absolutely delighted to have successfully negotiated a reduced quote for resurfacing the Skate Park - combined with the donations already received, it allows us to begin resurfacing the ramps.

"We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the Revamp the Ramp project, including St Neots Town Council for their support an funding, Huntingdonshire District Council for the LED lighting and more, the St Neots and St Mary's Rotary Clubs, and councillors Stephen Ferguson and Ben Pitt.

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The Skate Park committee hold a Wednesday Night Crew session at the Skate Park every second and last Wednesday of the month from 5pm - 8pm. The next session will take place on June 12.

They're also planning on organising a Ramp Jam on Saturday, August 31, which will include bands and competitions.

Sam and Chris would like to remind people that Revamp the Ramp is still an ongoing project, and they are always looking for ideas on how to improve the Skate Park.

Donations can be made to the cause on their website, which you can access by clicking here.