An award winning festival is set to return to a Cambridgeshire town this summer.

The St Neots Festival, which was given the Gold Award for Best Festival in Cambridgeshire for 2023, will return to Priory Park on July 6 and 7.

Upon its return, the festival has adopted a new catchphrase - it's "greener than Glasto".

The 2024 St Neots Festival wants to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible. To do that, they're going to avoid burning fossil fuels on site, and aim to power the stages, zones, food trucks and toilets by mains electricity, battery packs, or biodiesel generators.

Already a huge line-up has been announced for the three stages, including the Big Band of Boom, St Neots All Stars and The Arcades.

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In 2023, 13,000 people attended the St Neots Festival, which also received a Bronze Award for the East of England.

In 2024, locals will return to share their talents and activities - all centred around the town of St Neots.

There will also be a Youth Zone, a Theatre Zone, a Kids Zone, a Wellbeing Zone, an Articipate Zone, a Community Village, and evem a Neotists Zone - and much, much more.

A spokesperson for the St Neots Festival said: "The success of last year’s festival underlined the increasing appetite from residents for new cultural opportunities with festival goers enjoying the vast array of new experiences on offer. 

"Creating a new narrative for St Neots - bringing back the festival establishes the town as a destination with a vibrant creative community and a rich seam of arts and culture.

"It's a place where people feel connected and valued, where there’s a can-do attitude and optimism for the future."