The damning results of a community survey into the state of secondary education in St Neots have been presented to the government.  

Conservative MP Anthony Browne took the findings to the school’s minister Damian Hinds and officials from the Department for Education last week.  

He also met with parents and teaching unions and said there is a “clear consensus that the situation at Longsands and Ernulf cannot stand”.  

Both schools are run by the Astrea Academy Trust which has been criticised for its strict behaviour policies and approach to delivering teaching.  

Mr Browne said: “Teachers are leaving in concerning numbers, pupils are reporting that the rules are being selectively enforced, and over 90 per cent of parents tell me they have lost confidence in the trust.  

“All of these are good reasons for the Department of Education to consider using their powers to put one or both schools under new management.”

Mr Browne is currently MP for South Cambridgeshire – and is campaigning for the new Mid Cambridgeshire and St Neots constituency. 

He added: “I was glad the Minister was open to my concerns, and I will be writing to him formally to set out the case for action.  

“In the meantime, I'll be holding a public meeting to discuss the next steps and hear genuine feedback, be it good or bad, in the near future.  

“Parents need to see real change in these schools, and so I leave nothing off the table for the future.” 

The meeting's details have not yet been released and an analysis of the survey is available on Mr Browne's website. 

A spokesperson for the Astrea Academy Trust explained it engages and listens to parents "in a wide range of ways" and would like to know more about Mr Browne's survey findings.

She said: “Unfortunately, we have not yet received the detail of the survey from Mr Browne as he has not shared this with us, but we look forward to meeting him towards the end of this month which is the first date he has been able to offer us."