Proposals to build a new school for children with special educational needs have been blocked over road safety concerns.

Huntingdonshire District Council said it could not grant permission for the new school in Farcet, as it did not have enough information to say there would not be “detrimental impacts on highway safety”.

The authority highlighted that the school was proposed to be built outside of the village and that there was not any way for someone to walk safely to the school.

The Conquest Drove SEN School was proposed to be built on land off Conquest Drove, to the south-east of Farcet.

The school was proposed to be a one-storey building and planned to offer places for up to 25 young people aged between seven and 18, who had learning disabilities.

The application to build the new school was submitted to the district council by Danex Properties Ltd.

In the planning application the developer said the school would offer a “unique facility” to provide “much needed special educational needs” support in the Huntingdonshire and Peterborough area.

The plans said: “Within Conquest Drove SEN School we provide tailored programmes, therapeutic environments and through our highly dedicated and experienced educational members we empower individuals to progress to achieve their personal best.”

However, concerns about the location of the proposed school and potential road safety issues were raised by Farcet Parish Council.

The parish council said: “It is a single track with very few passing places.

“This would see an increase in traffic during peak school times, as potentially each student could attend via their own transport.

“The road currently has no lighting, and while this may not affect the students, it could impact the safe access of those employed by the school (teachers, cleaners, etc.)”

The district council said in its assessment of the application it could not be sure the new school would not result in “detrimental impacts on highway safety” due to the “limited information” provided by the developer.

The authority said: “The proposal is located outside the built up area and does not accord with the specific opportunities for development in the countryside provided for by policies of the Local Plan

“Furthermore given the detachment of the site from Farcet and absence of connecting pedestrian infrastructure, there would likely be a high degree of reliance on car journeys to and from the site.

“The benefits of the proposed development are not considered to outweigh the harm caused by the proposal in this instance.”

The planning application to build the school was refused by the district council based on these concerns.

The developer can appeal the decision if they want to, but must do so within six months of the decision being issued by the district council.