A new online tool that helps men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer has been nominated for a prestigious health award.  

The platform – which is called ‘Knowing Your Options’ - helps patients make an informed choice when it comes to deciding the right care options for them.  

Every patient diagnosed with localised prostate cancer has to choose what to do next, whether it’s to monitor the cancer carefully or pursue upfront treatment.  

If treatment is chosen, more decisions then need to be made about which treatment is right for them.   

The ‘Knowing Your Options’ tool provides a patient with the options specifically available to them and outlines the risks and benefits of each one. 

It was developed by the East of England Cancer Alliance, including medical professionals from Cambridgeshire. 

Now the innovative project has been nominated for an NHS Parliamentary Award which recgonises outstanding contributions towards the UK health sector.  

Amanda Pleavin, managing director of the East of England Cancer Alliance, says she is “enormously proud” of the nomination.  

She said: "This new web-based tool allows patients, faced with a number of different treatment options, to enter their own personal cancer information on everything about their cancer.  

“Once all the information has been entered into a secure web link, the tool analyses their data and sets out their full range of options, with risks and benefits specific to that person. All recommendations are aligned to national guidelines (NICE). 

“Treatment for prostate cancer will depend on individual circumstances with a wide range of treatment options available, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone treatment, or symptom control. 

“For many men, no treatment may be necessary. When treatment is necessary, the aim is to cure or control the disease, so it affects everyday life as little as possible and does not shorten life expectancy.” 

Jonathan Djanogly, the MP for Huntingdon, entered the tool for the award last month.