A fundraiser from St Neots is to embark on a gruelling London to Paris bike ride in support of the Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN).

In a demonstration of courage, resilience, and community spirit, Neeley Casserly, who is a breast cancer survivor, wants to raise funds and awareness for the Huntingdon-based organisation. 

Just two years ago, Neeley's life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As a single parent, the news was particularly daunting, leaving her feeling scared and isolated. However, through her journey, she found solace and support in the services provided by HCCN.

The compassionate care and sense of community she experienced during her home visits from HCCN nurses and participation in support groups were invaluable in her healing process.

Now, determined to give back to the organisation that supported her through her darkest days, Neeley is taking on the challenge of cycling from London to Paris.

Through this incredible feat, she aims to raise both funds and awareness for HCCN, ensuring that more individuals facing cancer receive the same level of care and support that she did.

"I am incredibly grateful for the support I received from HCCN during my battle with breast cancer," says Neeley.

"Now, I want to ensure that others in our community have access to the same resources and support that helped me through my journey."

Neeley invites individuals and businesses to support her cause by making donations to her fundraising campaign.

Donations can be made at Neeley Casserly is fundraising for Hunts Community Cancer Network (justgiving.com).

For details about Hunts Community Cancer Network, visit the HCCN homepage at: hccnthecharity.org.

Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN) is a local charity dedicated to providing compassionate care, support, and resources to individuals and families affected by cancer.

From home visits by nurses to support groups and complementary therapies, HCCN strives to ensure that no one faces cancer alone.