A Cambridgeshire man who once feared flying has built a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator.

Tim Procter, owner of Sandpiper Pool & Spa in Somersham with his wife Emma, decided to bring Tim’s passion of flying to Sandpiper.

But his reasoning for doing so may surprise you, as Tim's journey into the world of flying began with a life-altering experience years ago.

As a passenger on a Boeing 737 flight, he faced a harrowing situation when an engine exploded and caught fire, leading to a terrifying emergency landing. The trauma left Tim petrified of flying.

Determined to overcome his fear, Tim took a radical step – he decided to learn to fly.

Starting with a trial lesson in a Cessna, he quickly found himself hooked on the exhilarating world of aviation.

Becoming a pilot wasn't the end of his journey; he set his sights on mastering the art of flying a Boeing 737.

Tim has dedicated years to gaining experience in flight simulators, accumulating many hours of training before becoming an instructor himself.

His courage and persistence have transformed a once-paralysing fear into a deep seated passion for flying, making Sandpiper Flight Simulator a testament to his incredible journey.

​Of course when Tim decided to create his own full size Boeing 737 flight simulator, it was never going to be just an average simulator. 

His wife, Emma said: "As those of you that have visited Sandpiper Spa will know, when Tim builds something, he builds something special."

Tim added: "From the passenger seats, cabin crew area right through to the full scale, fully working cockpit, with many parts from genuine Boeing 737 planes, you will feel as though you are in a real aircraft.

"The simulator is fully immersive with 24,000 airports available with live weather and live air traffic. You can also create your own weather conditions and system failures.

"Whether you’re an experienced pilot or a complete beginner, you will have an exhilarating and memorable experience.

"Imagine stepping into the cockpit, feeling the controls in your hands, and experiencing the thrill of being captain of a commercial aircraft.  

"And let's not forget the passenger cabin experience, complete with all the sights and sounds of a commercial flight.”

Book for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, with prices starting at £69.  If you are booking a Simulator Experience for during your spa session there is a further discount.

Attendees are welcome to bring up to three guests and one guest can actually sit in the cockpit.

Those in the passenger seats can view everything that is going on in the cockpit via a screen, or they can sit back and look out of the passenger windows and enjoy the views.

Visit www.sandpipersim.co.uk for more information, booking dates and gift vouchers.

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