This week in our Spotlight...on Volunteers Campaign, we meet the Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group which is run by the Mayor of Huntingdon, Cllr Karl Brockett.

Members share memories and stories about the rich history of Huntingdonshire.

Cllr Karl Brockett is the chair of the group, and together with the group members, they give free walks and talks in the community for people to take part in.

The Hunts Post: Cllr Karl Brockett is the Chairman of the Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group.Cllr Karl Brockett is the Chairman of the Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group. (Image: Cllr Karl Brockett)

After 10 years the group is still going strong and has launched a Facebook group for people to join. They are now in the process of creating their own website.

The volunteers are also putting together a video about the history of the community,

While they're not doing that, they're busy giving talks to Huntingdonshire history lovers in hospitals, care home, and many other areas.

The group has collected photos, articles and artefacts to share with people in the community too. 

The Hunts Post: A picture of old Huntingdonshire.A picture of old Huntingdonshire. (Image: Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group)

They are a non-profit volunteer group who dedicate their time and research to culminate pieces of history for the community to enjoy.

One of the most popular talks the group held was one on the 1980s, which had lots of information and photos of old shops in Huntingdon that are no longer here, as well as stories about the people who worked in them.

A lot of the walks that the group host also involve a lot of the pubs in Huntingdonshire that have since closed as well. 

Anyone who is interested in joining the Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group, whether it's as a member, helping plan with future events, or anyone who has any artefacts or stories to share can get in touch with the group.

The group have a Facebook page called Huntingdonshire Nostalgia Group that you can join, or you can email Cllr Karl Brockett at: 

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