Tourists could soon be able to stay in new “rustic” glamping pods “nestled” within a country estate.

The eight new pods are planned to be set up in part of Waresley Park Estate off Gamlingay Road, near Waresley.

The estate management said the planned glamping pods would help to support the existing business and provide the chance for visitors to enjoy the countryside.

Two “rustic” designs are proposed for the glamping pods, which are due to be set up amongst a section of trees on the estate.

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The estate management said the pods will offer “diverse tourist accommodation”, and support the estate’s plans to establish a weddings and events business.

They added that there was “significant demand” in the area for this type of accommodation due to its “picturesque countryside location”.

The management also said there will be benefits for other businesses in the area through the additional tourists coming to stay in the pods.

The plans said: “The applicant has chosen to site the development nestled within an existing spinney of trees to help screens and integrate the glamping pods into the existing landscape.

“The pods will positively contribute to the rural economy, in particular, the expansion of business in rural areas through well designed buildings and places that provide guests with a high standard of accommodation in a traditional equestrian estate setting.

“The pods are designed to reflect the equestrian character of the estate and surrounding area, by adopting a rustic design and use of materials.

“The construction of the pods aims to combine practicality and economic, sustainably sourced building materials whilst maintaining the character of the site and its surroundings.”

Huntingdonshire District Council said it did not believe the new glamping pods would have a “significant adverse impact” on the character of the area, and would not have a harmful impact on the woodland and hedges.

Therefore the authority agreed to give permission for the glamping pods to go ahead.