Feeling Cheated by HDC

Am I the only one who feels cheated by HDC's discounted garden waste collection offer?

They failed to point out that when instigating the garden waste collection charge they would also be doing the supermarket trick of reducing the level of service.

Had I known that food waste (including peelings, if I read the exclusions correctly) would not be allowed, I would have opted to do the occasional run to the tip during the grass cutting period along with anything larger that the allowed small twigs and burned the remaining.

If I follow their suggestion of composting the food waste and peelings in my garden I should either need to purchase expensive closed bins or risk of providing a feeding station for vermin.

Also if I start composting, I would obviously mix in grass cutting and shredded wood cuttings.

Jim Aston

Cost of fly tipping?

I am wondering if we will we see a rise in council tax next year for Huntingdonshire District Council collecting garden waste which has been fly tipped.

Already around the Oxmoor area of Huntingdon, black bags full of grass are appearing in communal areas.

It would be interesting to know what the 23-24 figures are to compare next year. Initially, I was not going to have a subscription but, it will cost the same to take garden waste to the collection points or tip.

But, why should I then be forced to pay for HDC to clear other people's rubbish away because we all know they have to and we all know that will come out of the central budget. Would HDC waste management care to respond?

Robert Welford

Why no more Shakespeare at the George!  

Shakespeare at the George is an asset to Huntingdon.  What better place to celebrate the works of the Bard than in the 16th Century courtyard at the George Hotel on a summer’s evening with the swifts overhead?

Is there nothing to be done to save our Shakespeare  at the George?

Name supplied