A slimmer who once "hated being in social situations" and felt he "was taking up too much space" has lost almost nine stone in just over a year. 

Jack Hampson, who has been a member of Kathie Reilly’s Saturday Slimming World class, in St Ives, since January 2023, recently won the award of 'Greatest Loser 2024'. 

Reflecting on his journey, Jack said: "I knew that something had to change. I found every step painful, had difficulty breathing when carrying out everyday tasks and couldn’t even tie my own shoe laces.

"I hated being in social situations because I felt that I was taking up too much space. My mental health was suffering too."

“Taking that first step into group was nerve-racking, but Kathie and the group welcomed me with open arms and I felt at home immediately," he said.

“The other members were so chatty and friendly I soon realised that I’d found some wonderful people with similar experience and stories to mine. I felt at home”.

Within four weeks of joining, Jack had lost 1.5 stone. As Jack’s weight started to come off, he found that he had loads more energy so decided to follow Slimming World’s activity support programme (body magic).

He started with gentle walking, gradually building up the distance he covered week after week and took up hula hooping.

“I enjoy keeping active now – what a change from the days when I couldn’t even tie my shoe laces,” he added.

Jack has now lost eight stone and 12.5 pounds and says that he couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of the group.

“I’ve made amazing friends that have literally been with me every step of the way.

“They’ve helped me not only to learn about food optimising but to be more compassionate towards to myself and not feeling guilty if things don’t go exactly as I’d planned.

“I’m much more confident and sociable now.”


The Hunts Post: Jack Hampson before his weight loss.Jack Hampson before his weight loss. (Image: Slimming World)

The Hunts Post: Jack Hampson (pictured with the 'greatest loser' award) after his weight loss.Jack Hampson (pictured with the 'greatest loser' award) after his weight loss. (Image: Slimming World)