More than 12,000 homes in Cambridgeshire are currently empty, according to the latest data.

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show 12,110 unoccupied dwellings across Cambridgeshire.

The ONS used data from the 2021 census to locate “truly vacant dwellings”, describing these as dwellings unoccupied on Census Day with no usual residents, has no indication of being used as a second home, and are not inhabited by short-term residents.

According to the figures, Cambridge had by far the most vacant homes (3,375) compared to other areas in the region, while East Cambridgeshire had the fewest (1,450).

Huntingdonshire had the second highest number of unoccupied homes, with 3,015, while Fenland came third with 2,250.

Other areas of Cambridgeshire were unsurprisingly higher than the outer-lying areas of borough, with Central & West Cambridge (520), North Ely (220) and Wisbech South & Peckover (390) all recorded more than 150 empty homes.

Also recording a substantial number of vacant homes was Hemingford & Fenstanton (225), an area covering a much more rural part of the borough, and Brampton, the Stukeleys and the Alconburys (240).

Cllr Stephen Ferguson, Huntingdonshire District Council’s Executive councillor for customer services said: “We understand how frustrating empty homes can be for people, whether that is those on the housing register, first time buyers, or people looking to progress on the property ladder.

“We continue to look at all legal ways in which we can help reduce the number of privately owned empty homes to meet the housing needs of our residents and increase housing supply.

“Ultimately a very small minority of owners make choices about their own properties and the Council’s powers, set out by Government, are such that sometimes we can do little to change their use.”

East Cambridgeshire District Council has been approached for comment.