The Cromwell Museum is set to host a special event called 'Woman of the Civil War', which will take place on Saturday, March 2.

To tie in with the current exhibit at the Museum, 'Women of the Civil War', on March 2, costumed re-enactors will be sharing stories about women's lives during the 1640s.

Actors will be talking about the experience of day-to-day life for a woman in the 1640s while wearing costumes and taking on typical 1640s crafts.

There will also be stories about how women's lives changed during the Civil War, including examples of women feeling under threat, and some feeling liberated by their role in society.

The event is free for people to visit and will be on from 11am to 4pm on March 2.

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The "'The weaker vessel?' Women of the Civil Wars" exhibition is running until April 7, and is also a free event.

The exhibition includes information and stories from women of the Cromwell family, and how their lives changed during Civil War, Revolution and a Republic.