South Cambridgeshire MP Anthony Browne presented a major national environmental award to a group of eco champions.

Mr Browne, and the CEO of the Astrea Academy Trust, Rowena Hackwood, congratulated students on Ernulf Academy’s Eco Committee for their impressive work.

Students from the eco committees at Ernulf and St Ivo Academy Astrea to win the national ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) Initiative of the Year from the CGIUKI (Chartered Governance Institute UK and Ireland).

Mr Browne spoke to students about their environmental campaigning work including their support for Astrea’s  Go Green campaign.

Edward said: "We are really excited to have helped with this award, and it was fantastic to see it recognised by an MP. We enjoyed asking him questions and hearing about what he does."

Faith commented: "Eco ocmmittee is awesome and we are really proud of everything we have done at school. I was really proud to tell the MP about the litter picking rota I write for everyone so we can keep the school clean."

Dylan added: "If we don't act on the environment now, it will be too late. I'm so proud that Astrea has won this award, and it's great to go to a school where my voice on the issues that matter to me is heard like Ernulf".

Ernulf and St Ivo have worked together on a number of student-led environmental projects including a special event at Waterbeach Recycling Plant last June on World Environment Day to tie in with the day’s beat plastic pollution theme.

The visit inspired them to initiate a number of new recycling projects at their own schools.

Ideas and resources are now shared between schools and each school has an eco-lead and student Eco-Committees to engage students and provide a forum for them to lead and implement their own ideas.

These have included students leading assemblies about saving energy, running their own COP27 conference, proposing energy saving measures to the trust board and collecting plastic for recycling each lunch time.