The Greater Cambridge Partnership is set to give Cambridgeshire residents an update on the City Access programme, which aims to cut congestion and improve journey's in Cambridge.

Members of its Joint Assembly will be updated about the programme in a paper, and will be informed about work that has already been carried out.

Through the City Access programme, 32 new electric buses have been introduced in the county, as well as free parking at Cambridge's Park & Rides, new cycle parking, residents parking schemes, and setting up costs for civil parking enforcements.

The update will also set out how the Greater Cambridge Partnership will work with partners across Cambridgeshire to support projected future growth.

Findings from a public consultation on potential changes to the road network hierarchy and the way roads are classified will also be included in the update.

The majority of respondents from the public consultation were in favour of traffic being required to use main roads as much as possible to help reduce traffic levels.

However, the report recommends that there should be further consideration to ensure that bus journey times and reliability are considered.

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The update will also identify 'quick wins' that can be achieved by the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

These include:

Measures to make bus services run better, such as looking at bus priority, pinch points and smart signalling, with a focus on Park & Ride and busway routes;

Measures that encourage the use of Park & Ride sites rather than driving into the city;

Measures that support economic vibrancy;

Looking at behavioural incentives for mode shift;

Better traffic management to support bus journey speed and reliability;

Safety improvements for walking and cycling;

Upgrades to improve walking and cycling experience;

Measures to reduce the impact of freight and deliveries;

Working with communities on projects to design alternative uses for public highway and footway space.