A Cambridgeshire police detective has been dismissed following a misconduct hearing. 

Detective Sergeant Mike Barnshaw, who was based at Parkside police station in Cambridge, has been described as behaving in a “deplorable manner” towards women.  

He was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in respect of Honesty and Integrity, Authority, Respect and Courtesy, Equality and Diversity, Orders and Instructions and Discreditable Conduct. 

At a two-week hearing at the Holiday Inn Peterborough West, which concluded today (1 February), he was dismissed without notice. 

Police shared limited detail about the incidents.  

After the hearing, Cambridgeshire’s Deputy Chief Constable Jane Gyford said: “This was an extremely distressing case for the women involved and they’ve shown incredible fortitude and courage in supporting the misconduct proceedings. 

“Former DS Barnshaw behaved in a deplorable manner towards these women, carrying out acts which were intentional and repeated. 

“Former DS Barnshaw’s actions threatened to discredit the police service and undermine the public’s trust that the vast majority of officers work extremely hard to build. 

“I hope this misconduct outcome sends a clear message and reassurance to our communities that we will not tolerate such appalling behaviour from officers or staff within Cambridgeshire and we will ensure anyone who fails to demonstrate the standards expected from policing is removed.”